Announcing the AIFF San Francisco Screening. Request to Attend.
Is AIFF SF different than NYC?
Yes but also no. We'll be bringing the 10 finalist films from New York to San Francisco for an exclusive evening of screenings, socializing and a few fun surprises. More details will be released closer to the date.
Does the film I’m submitting have to be created in Runway?
Creating your film in Runway is encouraged, but not required to submit. However, all work must be submitted via a Runway asset link (follow the instructions here on how to upload your video). Films created with or using Runway will not receive an advantage in judging vs films created elsewhere.
Do I need to have a Runway account to submit?
Yes, you do need to have a Runway account to be able to submit your work via a Runway link. It is not required that you have a paid subscription.
What are the prizes?
1st Place (Grand Prix): $10,000 cash prize & a two year Runway subscription
2nd Place (Gold): $3,000 cash prize & a one year Runway subscription
3rd Place (Silver): $1,000 cash prize & a one year Runway subscription
4th - 5th Places (Honoree): $500 cash prize & a one year Runway subscription
6th - 10th Places (Merit): one year Runway subscription
How long should my submission be?
Submitted films must be between 1-10 minutes long. No exceptions will be allowed.
Can I use footage from existing films in my submission?
No. All work must be original. Any submissions using footage from existing films will not be considered.
Can I submit more than one film?
No, each applicant may only submit one film.
Can I edit my submission after I submit?
No edits are allowed after your work is submitted.
Can a team submit work?
Teams of multiple artists may submit films, but each applicant must only be attached to one piece of submitted work.
How should AI be incorporated into my film?
AI can be incorporated into your film either through AI generated content using tools similar to Runway’s Text to Image or Frame Interpolation AI Magic Tools, or through AI editing techniques including but not limited to Green Screen, Inpainting, or Motion Tracking.
What is the judging criteria?
The judging criteria includes:
  • Quality of the overall film composition 25%
  • Cohesion of the film narrative & artistic message 25%
  • Originality of the film 25%
  • AI techniques incorporated 25%
Each film will receive a 1-10 grade for each category, from each judge, for a maximum of 40 points per judge. The highest average score across all judges will determine the winners.
Can I apply from any country?
Yes, this is an international film festival.
How will I know if my submission is accepted?
After the final submission deadline, if you have met all of the submission criteria, you will receive an email acknowledging the acceptance of your submission.
Will my submission be made public?
Yes. All submissions that meet all of the required criteria may be showcased on the Runway website and channels.
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